Сигма-СБ за развојот на сопствените деловни решенија ги користи следните алатки:

MS SQL Server

Embarcadero Delphi


ASP.NET + Angular JS


Xamarin is the standard for enterprise mobile development. No other platform enables businesses to reach all major devices for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows with 100 percent fully native apps from a single codebase. With Xamarin, businesses standardize mobile app development in C#, share an average 75% of source code across platforms, and take advantage of their existing skills, teams, tools and code to rapidly deliver great apps with broad reach.

The main benefits for using Xamarin’s shared code base to deliver mobile apps are:

  1. Accelerate time-to-market by 60-100%
  2. Cut down considerably on initial development costs.
  3. Ensure App Adoption as each platform is native.
  4. Resolve Issues Quickly using crash analytics and user data.
  5. Future updates of new devices and features are easily integrated.
  6. Save significant amount on maintenance as you are maintaining shared code.